[NEWS] 18 YG Entertainment artists and actors to become stockholders of their agency

18 YG Entertainment artists and actors have been given the opportunity to become stockholders of their agency!

YG Entertainment announced on the 8th, “The largest shareholders, chief executive producer Yang Hyun Suk and CEO Yang Min Suk, transferred their preemptive stock rights of 81,400 shares to 18 of their agency artists and actors including Psy, Big Bang, and more.”

This is the first time that the biggest shareholder and the CEO of a domestic entertainment agency have offered their preemptive rights to shares to their artists and actors.

For those who are not familiar with the term, a preemptive right is when an existing shareholder is given rights to purchase a portion of shares of a new issuance of stock, usually to preserve their original proportional ownership of the company.

With this, the 18 artists and actors will be able to take more direct approach in the business aspect and advancement of the agency.

Credits: allkpop


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