[NEWS] Kim Hyun Joong discusses his buddies Yoochun & T.O.P’s acting

Kim Hyun Joong talked about his friends Yoochun and T.O.P!

Kim Hyun Joong had an interview with TV Daily after his drama ‘Generation of Youth‘ ended on a high note. In the interview, he was asked, “Do you often talk with idol singers who are also active as actors?

He answered, “I think the cases of idol members to actors that succeeded well are Yoochun and [T.O.P]. When I called [T.O.P], he said he was working hard on filming the movie ‘Tazza‘. I only hear Yoochun from rumors, but they say he really focuses on his work.

He continued, “He’s not just pretending. He tries to melt into the role and communicate with the director. Yoochun is normally a very warm person. People who are good at acting need good emotions, and Yoochun is like that. If you see people who don’t succeed, they think, ‘Since he can do it, I can do it too’, but they only say the lines without emotion. On that, Yoochun and [T.O.P] are on another level.

Credits: allkpop

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