[NEWS] Block B promise to carry out a viewer mission if their show reaches #1 on real-time searches during broadcast

Block B has promised to perform a viewer mission if their reality show “5 Minute Before Chaos” hits #1 in real-time searches during the first broadcast!

The boys just recently released the promised video, urging all fans to not only watch the show but also to search for their show on portal sites.

“5 Minutes Before Chaos” is a live reality show that shows the Block B boys going over the limits of what normal idols do. The boys will have blind dates and, check their teamwork through hidden cameras. The boys will pre-record a part of the episode, but have the opening and closing live. The boys will be watching their own program live and comment through SNS. Viewers will be able to communicate real-time with Block B through TV, PC and their phones.

The first episode will air on April 10 so make sure you watch to see these hilarious men do silly antics leading up to that “chaos” hinted in the title, and get searching!

Credits: allkpop + Mnet



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