[NEWS] Seungri talks about getting advice from T.O.P + acting officially for the first time in ‘Angel Eyes’

Big Bang’s Seungri appeared at the press conference for his first official drama ‘Angel Eyes‘ at the SBS building on April 3.  There, he revealed his first thoughts on taking on this new challenge.

He said, “I am happy that I get to play a character who instills energy in the drama.  I feel this way as a Big Bang member and am happy to get this chance to show a new side of myself to the viewers.  I will engage in acting sincerely as an actor.

In addition, he revealed he got a lot of advice for acting, some from his fellow member T.O.P.  Seungri said, “T.O.P was in movies and dramas before me; he told me that it would be good if I poured in my bright and upbeat energy into acting.

He continued, “This is my first official drama in Korea.  The language and the country is not important when acting.  I  consider acting as a whole to be something fun.”

In relation to playing Teddy, who hails from Texas, Seungri said, “After receiving the script, I worried over the role of Teddy a lot.  I also wondered if it might have turned out even better because my Chungcheongdo accent and English were not perfect.  In order to naturally do the Chungcheong-do accent, I prepared diligently for a month. However, the director suddenly told me to try the Jeolla-do accent, so I was confused.”

Credits: allkpop


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