[NEWS] CL says it is nice to be compared to Girls’ Generation + talks about her music

2NE1 took part in a recording for the upcoming episode of KBS 2TV‘s ‘Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook‘ and talked about being compared to Girls’ Generation.

In relation to their closely timed comebacks, CL said, “It was coincidental that our comeback period overlapped with Girls’ Generation’s.  Seeing as how we were promoting at the same time, many questions and articles comparing the two groups came out, but it is a good feeling to be compared to Girls’ Generation, who is our senior by two years.”

She added, “Most girl groups can’t promote for that long, but it is really cool to see Girls’ Generation be active for a long time and I think I can learn a lot from them.”

She also addressed the fact that her personally composed songs were included in the girls’ second album.  She said, “I did music with an ‘ignorant confidence’ deriving from not knowing music because I feared that knowing it too well would break the large fantasy I had regarding it.  However, during our hiatus, I started to write my feelings of frustration in English because they were things I wanted to say–my purpose was not for anyone to hear my words, though.

However, Yang Hyun Suk saw her lyrics, changed them to Korean, and offered to put them in the new album.  The members said, “CL knows each of our voices very well so she allocated the parts we would want by herself and wrote songs that matched well with the members’ personalities.”

The episode will air on March 22 12:20 AM KST!

Credits: allkpop


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