[NEWS] Block B’s Zico explains how he got his name + his efforts to drink less

Block B’s leader Zico appeared on the March 19 installment of MBC‘s ‘Radio Star‘ and revealed the story behind how he got his name and his drinking tendencies.

Heo Ji Woong asked Zico whether his name meant ‘G-Dragon cosplay’ (as in the “Zi” stood for the “G” in GD and the “Co” stood for the “co” in cosplay) which Zico denied. He said, “It definitely does not mean that.  When I was studying abroad in Japan, girls would call each other nicknames.”  He made an example, saying if the name was Jung Ki Suk, they would call that person Ki Ko.

He said, “Because I’m Ji Ho, they called me Ji Ko Ji Ko (hence Zico).  Something familiar and cute.”

He also revealed, “I’m trying to drink less.  Not too long ago, I drank expensive whiskey with [B2ST’s] Junhyung.

Kyuhyun compared his generation of idols to younger ones, “Juniors tend to start drinking with expensive alcohol.  We started with soju,” which is the common alcohol in Korea.

Zico explained, “The hangover is severe with soju.  Whiskey does not give you a hangover and it tastes clean,” making everyone laugh.

Credits: allkpop + MBCentertainment


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