[NEWS] G-Dragon reported to be focusing his efforts on Big Bang’s new release with plans of summer comeback

It’s been mentioned several times before, but insiders are once again saying that Big Bang’s comeback is most likely happening this summer.

In an exclusive by Star News on the 19th, G-Dragon is reported to have finished his busy overseas schedule and has officially started working on Big Bang’s new album with their album release date scheduled for the summer.

A music insider stated, “G-Dragon has officially started working on Big Bang’s new album since a few days ago… As much as Big Bang announced their new album coming this summer at their concert, fans will be able to meet Big Bang’s new music this summer.”

VIP have been hearing about Big Bang’s summer comeback for months so this is continuing to build up hype about the group’s new material. If it does indeed drop this summer, this will mark Big Bang’s comeback in two years since the release of their special edition album ‘Still Alive‘ in June 2012.

However, as it is the style of YGE to delay until they feel like they’re completely satisfied, and seeing that as Psy hasn’t made his comeback yet, and there is still the debut of Akdong Musician and WINNER left on the agenda, we’ll have to keep our fingers crossed that we’ll see this happen in the summer!

Credits: allkpop


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