[NEWS] 2NE1 bemoans their single status

With more and more idols coming out of the woodwork in regards to dating, the ladies of 2NE1 confessed that they were getting lonelier.

“We are most definitely falling behind,” they joked during a recent press conference for their second full album, ‘Crush‘.

“There are a lot of oppas at our company, but I don’t think it’s all good to be so close to them,” CL said. “There’s the feeling of ‘we shouldn’t be doing this’, and they tend to see us as sisters. I don’t think the member unnies are dating because they never go outside.”

As the one of the oldest members in the group, Dara was particularly worried. “I was worrying seriously, but now, my boss and the company seniors are more worried about it than me,” she said. “I need to make them feel at ease soon…”

Do you have any recommendations for how 2NE1 can get out of their dating slump?

Credits: allkpop


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