[NEWS] CL clarifies that she is not the next muse for Psy’s upcoming music video

2NE1’s CL denied the reports that labeled her as the next muse for Psy’s music video following HyunA and Ga in.

CL shared that although she does make a cameo, she cannot be labeled as the next female muse for Psy’s video, commenting, “I am not a muse… To be honest, I did not go to the filming set to see Psy. I performed with Snoop Dogg before and we got close so before he headed over to Korea, he said we should meet up when he gets here. Because there isn’t an occasion to meet up with him separately, I went to visit him on the music video filming set.”

“We were talking and I came so unprepared at the time. But he asked me, ‘Do you want to dance with me?’, so that’s how I came to make an appearance in it, and it is a very short cameo.”

Whether she is the muse or not, Blackjacks can look forward to her cameo on Psy’s music video!

Credits: allkpop


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