[NEWS] 2NE1 dish on their new album, overlapping promotion with Girls’ Generation, dating, and second world tour

To commemorate their return with their first full length album in 4 years, the ladies of2NE1 sat down for an interview with reporters about their comeback with ‘CRUSH‘ to open up about the thoughts going through their heads.

The girls have already racked up quite the success with their album release, topping not only domestic charts but international ones as well, and making their mark as the highest charting K-Pop album on the Billboard 200 – a well-deserved result.

“It is our first full length album in 4 years, and different from our 1st album it contains completely new songs so it feels as if we actually put out our first full length album now. We are really enjoying the fact that we can show you a lot of new songs and stages, so we’ve been able to quench our thirst that has been building up as there is a lot that we’ve been wanting to show you. When we had our first world tour, we felt some regret as there was no new music to show on stage. So to make our comeback with a full length album, we feel happy,” the girls said.

As this new album contains quite a few works that have a direct hand of participation from CL, she stated, “I started composing last year. I really never imagined 2NE1 as a whole would sing the songs I made. It started when I just wrote songs as if I was writing a diary. I am grateful as well fascinated that it all progressed so naturally and fast. There are more songs that I have written up, but the songs that matched the best with 2NE1 were included in this album. It was something I started just for fun, but Yang Hyun Suk boss even diligently checked up on it. ‘CRUSH’ was the title of the song I wrote, but he even made it into the name of the album, so I was really touched.”

The interview of course also addressed the girls’ competition with Girls’ Generation for it’s not everyday when the biggest two girl groups in Korea have their promotional periods overlap.

The girls remarked, “Starting a year ago, we had the world tour scheduled for March, and to be able to show new music stages on the tour, we had originally planned for a comeback at the end of February. As Girls’ Generation are our sunbaenims, it’s so cool to see them actively promote in various fields for a long time. We want to be like that too. Rather than comparing or calling it a competition, we sincerely cheer on the power of girl groups. We want to see a lot of these groups and see us all do well together. As our promotions are overlapping, we saw their stage and felt that our colors and Girls’ Generation colors are different. They are showing a stage that we can’t do.”

Reporters also brought up the question of dating for 2NE1 as a few of Girls’ Generation members have gone public with their relationships this year.

CL said with a smile, “And it’s White Day today too… We recognize that we’re quite behind in the dating aspect compared to Girls’ Generation.” Dara hilariously added, “Let’s try to catch up!” while Park Bom lamented, “It seems like there just isn’t much opportunity to date.”

Whether you’re a Blackjack or not, it’s hard to deny that 2NE1 has individuality in the Kpop scene with their distinct music style. And reporters asked the girls if they felt the same way and to elaborate on 2NE1’s unique style.

“We don’t think there will be a group quite like 2NE1. There wasn’t one before and we don’t think there will be one like us. Whether people consider 2NE1 good or bad, we can say confidently that there is no group like us. If our color was red for example, if we tried to be blue instead, we’d feel a burden and we wouldn’t be able to last. If we are red, then we have to express that red more vibrantly,” the girls replied.

So what is 2NE1’s ultimate goal for the future? “We don’t know what it would be. Whether it’s a time of growth or a time of risk, it seems like they just suddenly come upon us without us expecting it. Whatever it is, we think it is most important that we take it moment by moment and get through it. We finally think we have figured out how to sing and enjoy the stage. We want to do this for a long long time. And since we don’t come out on TV that often and don’t have many opportunities to interact with everyone, we want to express 2NE1 news, thoughts, and hearts through interviews at least.”

The girls also spoke on their love for concerts with their second world tour ahead of them. “We have won #1 on music programs and experienced various other things, but there is nothing more fun than a concert. Our goal is to wrap up our second world tour in Korea as an encore concert. People will only come if we promote our hardest with ‘Crush’ right? We want to meet with many fans at our concerts,” the group said with a smile.

It seems like the girls aren’t the only ones excited for their world tour as their music video for “Come Back Home” has already surpassed the 5 million mark with eager Blackjacks showing their support as they count down to the days they’ll be able to catch the 2NE1 in concert!

Credits: allkpop


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