[TWITTER] Dara cheered for Thunder’s first musical (140221)

천둥이가 처음으로 뮤지컬에 도전한다고 해서 응원도 하구 춥고 배고픈 길냥이들에게 맘마도 줄려고 준비했어요~ ^_^ 문나이트~ 그리고 천둥이 화이팅!!! 재밌겠다~ >.<

[TRANS] Thunder decided to go on for a musical for the 1st time so I cheered for him and prepared this for the cold and hungry street cats~ ^_^ Moon Night~ And Thunder fighting!!! Looks like it will be fun~ >.<

[Translations in Picture] From loving family~ From Chundung’s big sister & Dadoong. I cheer for Moon Night and Chundung~ meow~

Source: Dara’s twitter | Translated by: @Bom_Always, @sumiinkim via ygladies

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