[NEWS] B.A.P to perform and B1A4 to collaborate with Song So Hee for traditional Korean music special

The press conference for KBS 1TV‘s ‘K-Pop Merge Paths with Traditional Music‘ took place at the KBS annex building in Yeoido on February 21.  At the press conference, it was revealed that there would be a collaboration stage with B1A4 and Song So Hee, who is currently garnering a lot of fame for being so young yet so talented in the traditional Korean style of singing called pansori.  B.A.P will also take part in this program.

The production team said, “We chose B1A4 because they are a trending idol group while one B.A.P member specialized in traditional Korean music.  We tried to stay professional in that way.”  It appears they are talking about B.A.P’s Himchan, who had attended the National School of Traditional Music.

Song So Hee said, “I am shy around strangers, but they thoughtfully took care of me so that it was comfortable during practice.  I was happy that B1A4 would be my first collaborator.”  She then chose B.A.P as another idol group with whom she wanted to collaborate, “They say that there is one person in B.A.P who specialized in traditional Korean music, so I want to try a duo with him.  I think it would be refreshing.”

B1A4’s Jinyoung and CNU were also present at the press conference.  Regarding this collaboration, they said, “We saw her a lot in CFs.  We thought she was really pretty, so we wanted to meet her; if anything, we feel more honored.  Truthfully, it was a bit awkward at first.  She seemed really averse to being around strangers.  We will talk more and then have a fun performance.

This program will combine the two unique musical styles of Korea, K-Pop and traditional music.  It will be a very fascinating and interesting merging indeed!  Make sure to check it out on March 2.

Credits: allkpop


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