[NEWS] 2NE1 talk about new album and making a comeback at the same time as Girls’ Generation

On February 20, 2NE1 held a press conference at KINTEX in Ilsan for their upcoming world tour ‘AON (All Or Nothing)‘ and proved that they were serious about the ‘all or nothing’ part as they talked about why they chose the name and revealed their thoughts on making a comeback around the same time as Girls’ Generation.

In relation to why they chose this name, the girls said, “It has already been 6 years for us and we are having a concert while releasing our second studio album.  We want to show everyone everything we got, which is why we chose ‘AON.'”

In regards to making a comeback at the same time as Girls’ Generation, Dara said, “I have high expectations because it has been an incredibly long time since we had promoted together.  They have a different color than we do [when it comes to music].”  Minzy said, “We were also preparing for our new album.  I hope that we both do well.

Park Bom also revealed that they were looking forward to Girls’ Generation’s return more so than having the feeling of a sense of rivalry.

CL said, “This is our first studio album in four years.  Coincidentally, it turns out we are facing off with Girls’ Generation during the same time period, but rather than viewing it as a competition, I have high expectations.  Please have high expectations for our music.”

The girls were then asked if they approved of the comeback schedule when it became confirmed.  2NE1 said, “We worried a lot about it.  Truthfully, we wanted to release the album when it was completed to our satisfaction, which is why it kept getting pushed back.  We thought it had to come out before the world tour, so we chose the date, and it happened to overlap [with Girl’s Generation’s].

It was also pointed out that CL had composed three songs and written the lyrics for five.  Dara said, “The three songs she composed were very different and fresh.  What was more, when I was recording ‘Crush,’ I felt like it was the first time in six years that my voice really came out.”  Minzy said, “I was really surprised at CL’s creativity. They are all very cool songs.”

In relation to Yang Hyun Suk pushing the album release date back to coincide with CL’s birthday, CL said, “I was really touched by his special event.  Truthfully, none of the three songs were made to be included in the album.  Actually, I did not even know I’d get to sing them with 2NE1.  I think I got a great opportunity, so I am thankful.

Lastly, CL said, “Through this concert, we will show a stronger image of women.

Credits: allkpop


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