[NEWS] Tablo’s daughter Haru says her Big Bang bias changed from Taeyang to G-Dragon

It was revealed that Tablo’s daughter Haru got to meet up with her father’s label mate Big Bang for the next episode of ‘Superman Is Back‘. More details about the upcoming content for what is to be a very cute episode was revealed, and it turns out Haru, like any other fan girl, had a hard time sticking to one bias out of the group!

For a while now, she has been diagnosed with G-Dragon Syndrome, which is why when she faced the boys in person at their concert location, she became immediately shy and couldn’t even lift her head to properly look at him! Before that though, she talked with her father in the car and revealed that her bias had switched to G-Dragon after she became a big girl.

Tablo had asked, “Whom do you like the best among your Big Bang uncles?“, and she said without hesitation, “Uncle G-Dragon”, to which her father responded, “Didn’t you tell me you liked Uncle Taeyang a while ago?”  The 4 year old’s cute response was, “That was when I was a baby.” 

Credits: allkpop


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