[NEWS] GOT7 reveal their wish to collaborate with 2NE1 and which member is their energizer

GOT7 shared behind-the-scenes stories, their wish to collaborate with 2NE1, and more!

On the Valentine’s Day broadcast of KBS Cool FM‘s ‘Lee So Ra’s Music Plaza‘, the boys shared some interesting stories.

When asked what they talk about when they get to rest in their dorms, GOT7 shared, “Once we get to our dorm, we go to sleep immediately. If we’re bored, we have pillow fights. Contrary to what you might think, we don’t talk about girls much… We’ve never had a big fight yet. If one of us feels hurt, the power in which we touch with the pillows gets stronger?”

JB and Jr. also opened up about their growing interest in acting following ‘Dream High 2‘, “We want to try again. We want to try musicals and everything… We’ve gained an interest in it. But as of right now, we want to clearly show ourselves as GOT7.”

When asked who is the atmosphere maker among the group, they chose Jackson as they explained, “We were happy because of Jackson. He is so funny. If there is a person overwhelming with energy like him, those around him become happy.”

When asked to choose a girl group outside of their agency who they would want to perform with, GOT7 answered, “2NE1. They perform so well. We want to go to their concert as well.”

Credits: allkpop


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