[NEWS] B.A.P open up about their image transformation and possible tour plans for their comeback

B.A.P returned to their BABYs with their first full-length album ‘First Sensibility‘ and opened up about the hard work and dedication that they’ve put into their comeback.

During a backstage interview with Star N News at February 7th’s  ‘Music Bank‘, B.A.P shared, “Our first full-length album came out. With our album, which all of our members put a lot of care into making, we hope that many people enjoy listening to the various songs.”

Himchan shared, “First off, we worked hard to make an image transformation for this album… There are a lot of love songs included in the album, we tried to express different feelings and showcase our individual colors in sad, happy, and even playful love songs. The lyrics in particular are well-written in a way that’s not difficult [to understand] and easily relatable.”

“To be honest, we can’t say that it’s easy… We needed to transform our image, so it was difficult. But we are thankful that many like it. But in terms of what suits us better, I think [our image/concept] now suits us better.”

shared, “Jongup dances from start to finish this time. The other members have resting parts in the middle, so there is some leeway. Because Jongup has to dance from beginning to end, he is probably having a more difficult time.” Jongup responded, “It is difficult.”

Bang Yong Guk shared, “Although no specific plans have been made yet, we might have a tour this year… If we were to do a world tour this time, I want to go to the countries we haven’t been before.”

Credits: allkpop


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