[NEWS] U-KISS’ Hoon & Girls Generation’s Seohyun Show Classmate Relationship (140206)

A recent picture showcasing the friendly university-buddy relationship between U-KISS’s Hoon and Girls Generation’s Seohyun has be garnering lots of attention.

On the 6th, Hoon posted on his Twitter “Today my friend, and classmate, Seohyun invited me to her musical “Moon Embraces the Sun”. It was really so much fun! Seohyun is the bed”.

In the image, both Hoon and Seohyun are doing the same pose, a jolly thumbs up. Seohyun is seen sporting a white coat with long black hair falling naturally into place and Hoon showing a true idol youthful appearance.

Fans responded to the image by commenting “It’s good to see them so friendly”, “It’s so nice to see them support each other like that”, “Seohyun is getting prettier”.

Source: tvdaily via rcketboxx


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