[NEWS] G-Dragon’s doppelganger performs “Crooked” and wins MVP title on ‘Star Doppelganger Challenge’

A contestant who was introduced as the ‘Yeonhuidong G-Dragon‘ took fans by surprise with his similarities in appearance and performance of G-Dragon‘s song “Crooked“!

On the Lunar New Year special ‘Star Doppelganger Challenge‘ that aired on the 30th, people from across Korea tried their hands at being crowned the MVP of the show as the best doppelganger of a celebrity with their appearance as well as performance. A wide variety of celebrities were impersonated including Suzy, Yoon Min Soo, Jo Jung Chi & Jung In, K.Will, Seo In Guk, Sung Si Kyung, and more.

The contestants had to last 30 seconds before the celebrity guest panel pressed their orange light, which meant they not only had to pass the visual aspect, but also the performance portion. And the contestant who took home the title of MVP was the ‘Yeonhuidong G-Dragon’ who hopped on stage with G-Dragon’s exact hairstyle, outfit, and similar swag with his cover of “Crooked”.

Credits: allkpop + MBCentertainment


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