[NEWS] YGE CEO Yang Hyun Suk compares Seo Taiji and G-Dragon

Yang Hyun Suk compared Seo Taiji and G-Dragon, who have made huge strides for K-pop and both of who he worked closely with, sharing his fascination with G-Dragon’s knack for music, fashion, and more.

Sports Seoul met up with Yang Hyun Suk backstage at Big Bang’s Seoul concert at Olympic Gymnastics Arena on January 26, and he recalled, “Seo Taiji only thought about the music. He had absolutely no interest in fashion or dancing. He was only concerned with the music. He was the type to live in seclusion for months to concentrate on the music when creating an album.”

As for G-dragon, the YG CEO commented, “When I observe G-Dragon, there are many times when I am amazed and surprised. He is good at music, but he also has an inborn fashion sense and is a worldwide fashionista. He also has a lot of interest in dancing and other aspects [of entertainment]. His music-making style is also totally different from Seo Taiji’s style. He makes music the fastest when he is working on something else and plays when it suddenly comes to him.”

Yang Hyun Suk also gave his personal take on the Big Bang leader. “I used to never be satisfied with G-Dragon’s pre-debut self-composed songs, which were handed to me for a long time. Following G-Dragon’s creation of Big Bang’s ‘Lie‘, I acknowledged his ability as a composer… G-Dragon has been getting his name out there among hip hop fans ever since he was very little, so he’s special. I definitely don’t think that I made him [into who he is today]. G-Dragon was born with his talent. I only played a role in supporting and helping his growth.”

He looked back on one of the greatest groups that hit the K-Pop scene as well. “Seo Taiji and Boys were only active for four years. When Big Bang was formed, I wanted to surpass the average life of boy groups of 4-5 years. Big Bang have already surpassed that and are a nine-year group. I hope they become a group that is active for over twenty years.”

Credits: allkpop


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