[NEWS] Yang Hyun Suk gives more information on Big Bang’s summer album release

It looks like YG Entertainment is going to be very busy what with the release of 4 new groups, 2NE1‘s world tour, as well as Psy and Big Bang’s pending comebacks!

Just the other day, G-Dragon dropped a hint at Big Bang’s ‘2014 BIGBANG +α IN SEOUL‘ concert that the boys will be releasing a new album in the summer!  In relation to this, Yang Hyun Suk said at a press conference, “It will be in the summer so the album will be released in June, July, or August,” which clearly narrows it down oh so much.

Regardless, he also revealed that G-Dragon will play a significant role in the creation of this album. Yang Hyun Suk said, “G-Dragon, who is in charge of producing Big Bang’s album, has cleared his schedule starting in upcoming March.  He has arranged conditions so that he can remain in the work room the whole time.  As he is always quick when it comes to writing songs, I don’t think working on the album will take that long.

That sounds promising!  If G-Dragon plans to work nonstop starting in March, perhaps the album will be out in the earliest June.  Stay tuned for updates.

Credits: allkpop


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