[NEWS] G-Dragon featured in American magazine “Hollywood Reporter”

G-Dragon is grabbing the spotlight all over the world, especially in American magazine “Hollywood Reporter”.

With the title of “Pop Goes the World”, Hollywood Reporter wrote about various artists that weren’t from America, yet were globally influential, such as Avril Lavigne from Canada, Ellie Goulding from England, Lorde from New Zealand and many more. Out of the 9 globally influential artists they wrote about, G-Dragon was included as one of them.

They mainly focused on G-Dragon’s history in the music industry and the kind of global leverage of his music, in which his position in K-Pop was the equivalent to that of Justin Timberlake and Kanye West in the American music industry.

Hollywood Reporter also praised his musical resume, in which they mentioned how his second official solo album “Coup D’Etat” ranked within the 200 top albums on the Billboard charts, and how he collaborated with several of the top internationally recognized artists in the world, such as Diplo, Baauer and Missy Elliot.

They also reported that G-Dragon is planning to release a collaboration with Justin Bieber soon, thus arousing a lot of interest and excitement among their fans. Furthermore, G-Dragon revealed in the interview that the artist he wanted to work with the most was Pharrell Williams, and he confessed Pharrell Williams was the only artist he deemed as his ‘idol’.

G-Dragon has accomplished many worldwide feats, in which being written about in Hollywood Reporter is not his only achievement. He has also been recognized as a musical and fashionable artist in American men’s magazines such as COMPLEX, New York Times and on cable TV channel Fuse TV, and is gathering a lot of attention world wide.

SourceOsen via Koreaboo.com + bigbangupdates


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