[NEWS] A Romantic Start For The Filming Of ‘We Got Married-Global Edition’ Featuring Super Junior Heechul and Guo Xue Fu

We Got Married-Global Edition’  set its new season featuring Super Junior’s Heechul and Taiwanese girl group Dream Girls’ and also an actress Guo Xue Fu which finally met.

Guo Xue Fu says on her interview, “I am very nervous to meet Heechul for the first time,” she also shared that she also practiced Korean writing in order to communicate to Heechul.

The two newly lovebirds onscreen has started their first filming on Namiseom Island in Gapyeong County, Gyeonggido Today, January 15th. They also releases still cuts showing Heechul’s romantic side with his rose in his mouth as he finally met Guo Xue Fu, showing how bright their smiles is, you can tell that this two will have a perfect chemistry.

Fans should stay tuned on this new episode of ‘We Got Married-Global Edition’ set on April.

Source: http://www.kpopstarz.com/


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