[VIDEO] 2NE1 reveal an emotional and heartfelt interview for ‘AON (All Or Nothing)’

The normally fierce girls of 2NE1 opened up in a 3-minute interview clip for their upcoming world tour and album ‘AON (All Or Nothing),’ showing vulnerabilities that had otherwise been hidden behind their tough facades and charismatic performances.  All four of them were on the verge of tears in this poignant video of their thoughts.

In the interview, Dara says 2NE1 is a core part of her like her name and also reveals surprising insecurities, claiming 2NE1 had the best vocalist, rapper, and dancer, but she still worries about what she can bring to the team.  CL believes that if she were the members, she would dislike herself and talks about how she tries to refrain from doing certain things because of other people’s judgments.  While Park Bom could not hold back her tears, Minzy expressed how the members put in all their effort as 2NE1.

Check out their emotional and sweet interview in the clip above.

Source: 2NE1 via allkpop


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