[CYWORLD] Jaehyo assures fans that he reads their comments and letters (140115)

싸이월드 방명록엔 뭔가 진짜 오래 좋아해주실 팬분들만 남은듯하다 몇몇 분들이 꾸준히 안부묻고 자기 힘든얘기도 써주시는거 하나도 빠짐없이 다 읽고있으니 안읽는다고 생각마요

어느한분이라도 남겨주시는 글이 있다면 그분을 위해서라도 안변하고 꼬박꼬박 읽고 있으니 안볼거라고 생각하기 업슴


It seems like there are only fans who will like me for a long time left in my Cyworld guestbook. There are a few people who always ask how I’m doing or who write about what hardships they are going through. I read all of them without missing even one, so don’t think I’m not.

Even if there is just one person writing to me, I’ll unchangingly and meticulously read it for that person, so no thinking that I won’t see it.

Translated by: youngha @ blockbintl
Source: Jaehyo’s Cyworld


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