[NEWS] Recent airport fashion expresses Daesung and Taeyang’s personalities

Many fashion critiques and fans are always avidly curious about their favorite K-Pop celebrities’ airport fashion choices, and Big Bang members Daesung and Taeyang made a splash with their latest airport wardrobe.

While returning on January 14th after the “Japan 6th Dome Tour” concert, Daesung was seen wearing a fancy gold-black retro pattern padding jacket and patterned mask, while Taeyang was wearing a striking-blue long coat and a solid black mask.

Netizens pointed out how their outfits reflected the two members’ distinct personalities, with Daesung expressing his lively and bubbly personality whereas Taeyang portrayed his chic and reserved outlook.

Big Bang has always covered media titles for being very stylish and unique in their own ways, especially G-Dragon, who is now considered a well-known and respected fashionista in the fashion industry as well. It was a pleasant surprise for fans to see Daesung and Taeyang being more adventurous with their outfits.

Big Bang’s recent concert tour in Japan ended in a huge success, with 771 thousand fans cheering during their performances.

Source: Dispatch via Koreaboo + bigbangupdates


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