[NEWS] Jung Hyung Don says G-Dragon waits for his phone call + Sunhwa leaves a video message for G-Dragon

The topic of G-Dragoncame up on ‘Weekly Idol‘ with special guest SECRET when Jung Hyung Don jokingly said that Sunhwa was G-Dragon’s sasaeng fan.  Sunhwa then asked Jung Hyung Don to call G-Dragon for her, even trying to flatter him by saying he has that kind of ability.

Jung Hyung Don joked, “G-Dragon waits day and night just for my phone call.”  Then, he said if the girls successfully finished the first round of the ‘Random Dance Play,’ he would connect them to G-Dragon through a phone call.

However, as the girls ultimately failed, Sunhwa left a video message for G-Dragon, using aegyo, “Yongie oppa, I am always watching over you well and I hope you give us a lot of support.

You can watch the first video below at 2:30 to hear Jung Hyung Don talk about G-Dragon and the second video below at 5:08 for Sunhwa’s video message.

Credits: allkpop + MyKpopWeek


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