[PHOTOS] Big Bang Backstage Before Final Japanese Dome Concert (140113)

“흔들림의 미…..”
Translation: “Shakey/Wobbly me….”

Translation: “Laughter Bomb”

“상남자하고행복한람쥐와 함께”
Translation: “”A raw/manly man together with happy Ramgee”
(TN: Thank you to user jaeunis2 for the translation help! )

“효정언니,은영이,민정이,영배 일본 투어 막콘! 오사카!”
Translation: “HyoJun Unnie, UhnYoungie, MinJungie, Young Bae Japan Tour Final Con! Osaka!”

“너무자연스럽? 빅뱅일본돔투어 끝! 모두 수고하셨습니다~^ㅡ^”
Translation: “To much natural? Big Bang Japanese Dome Tour Finishes! Everyone Thank you~^ㅡ^”


“2013~의 내추억”
Translation: “2013~ This is memories”

Translation: “Good”

Source: Heeeeyun & wonahyeon @instagram.com
Rough Translation: @VIP4Daesung via bigbangupdates


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