[NEWS] YG’s Japanese rep claims Big Bang as global artist & not just Hallyu star

According to a Japanese rep of YG Entertainment, Big Bang is no longer just a hallyu star, but a representative global artist in Japan.

YG’s Japanese rep, Yoshimi Watanabe, talked about Big Bang’s status in Japan during a press conference held before the group’s performance in Osaka for the six dome tour on January 13.

When asked what separates Big Bang from other hallyu stars, Yoshimi answered, “They are considered to be global artists in Japan, unlike the hallyu stars. Fans in Japan are separated into two broad categories: those who like Japanese music and those who like foreign music. But fans of both categories tend to like Big Bang.”

Big Bang began its six-dome tour in Saitama, Japan beginning on November 16 and toured around Osaka, Fukuoka, Nagoya, Tokyo and Sapporo, performing in 17 concerts, gathering over a total of 771,000 fans.

Big Bang set the record of being the only non-Japanese group to ever hold a six-dome tour in the country.

About what made Big Bang so popular in the country, Yoshimi said, “Many people highly regard their music, fashion and dance. Many young people naturally started idolizing their fashion and music.”

He also added, “They got their name out with music and dance, and got familiarized by appearing in famous variety shows.”

About Big Bang’s current status in Japan, he said, “If you turn the TV on, you see Seungri as the MC of a program or G-Dragon’s dance on a music show and when you go to a movie theatre, you see a movie starring T.O.P. They have become a part of Japanese people’s lifestyle.”

Source: MWave/enewsworld via bigbangupdates


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