[NEWS] Korean megastore company Homeplus now selling official Big Bang goods

Homeplus, one of the largest chain markets in all of South Korea, has been revealed on the 9th to be the first official mainstream store(s) to begin selling 30 different character-print goods of popular idol group YG ‘BIGBANG’ within their 116 locations around the country.

The products being presented to be sold are new 2014 products aimed for the new school year that have been co-created through a licensing contract between YG Entertainment, NS Commercial (NS Mall), and Homeplus; each are in charge of an important role – YG Entertainment distributes the contents, NS Commercial produces and manufactures the products, then Homeplus sells them.

Items such as pencil cases, notebooks, card holder necklaces, filing folders, and shopping bags (etc…) with BIGBANG prints have been carefully selected into 30 different types, aiming for what a crowd aging from 10-20 years old might enjoy. These products have been created with sophisticated images of BIGBANG, representing the group’s senses in a very well-mannered way, targeting the current 1020 trend.

On top of it all, the wrapping for these products are not wrapped in the usual clear OPP plastic film, but in a specialized wrapping engraved with logos of the BIGBANG members’ names, raising the value and worth of the products. These products are also being seen as becoming the popular items to give as gifts to students for the new school year.

The pencil cases are ranging from 6800~17800WON (approx. $6.50~$17.00 USD), gel pens 5800~11500 (approx. $5.50~$11.00 USD), notebooks/notepads 1200~6000 (approx. $1.25~$6.00 USD), card holder necklaces 25000 (approx. $24.00 USD), files/filing folders 1000~7500 (approx. $1.00~$7.10 USD), and shopping bags 1800~4500 (approx. $1.70~$4.50 USD).

Source: Naver and @lhs9169 | Translation: @big_seunghyun via bigbangupdates


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