[TWITTER] Dara comes down to support Thunder @ 2014 Idol Star Championship (140113)

큰누나가 둥골라스를 응원합니다!!!

Dara: “Big sister cheers for DongGolas!!!”

날씨도추운데 보러와주신팬여러분들 너무감사합니다 힘이나네요 ㅎㅎ 열심히할게요 곧봐요 우리!

Thunder: “Even though it was really cold today, a lot of fans still came out to watch, and for that I am really thankful to all of you ㅎㅎ See you all soon, I’ll work hard!”

@shpthunder 화이팅화이팅 야야야!!! 제일잘쏴 야야야!!! 10점 나와라 야야야!!! 누나도 응원한다~ 둥골라스 화이팅!!! ^0^

Dara to Thunder: “Fighting, fighting ya ya ya!!! You’re the best, ya ya ya!!! 10 points come out ya ya ya!!! Noona has come out to support too~ Doong-golas (T/N: Word play on “Legolas”) fighting!!! ^0^”

Source: Thunder & Dara’s twitter | Translated by: @sumiinkim | BlackjackBelle@OhDara via ygladies


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