[TRANS] P.O’s fancafe post: To fans from P.O (140108)

Title: [P.O] For 1000 days~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~♥

Keu-ha Block B B B B B B~~~~~

Already, I mean alrea~~~~dy, it seems like our debut was just the other day

But how has it already~~~~~ been 1000 days

I can’t believe it or even really realize it

Even so, it’s so amazing and somehow I feel really fulfilled

And I’m feeling all ticklish and stuff like that?~~~!^^

There has been a lot of talk and a lot of snags until now

But first of all, I’m so thankful to our member hyungs who are like my family

For winning over it all by standing firmly together and depending on each other

And for treating me so well

Thank you also to our Seven Season’s CEO Kim Gyuwook

Who is like a father and hyung

For putting us up on stage again in front of BBC and other people

And to our reliable bees BBC

Who always give us strength and energy filled with love

I’m really, sincerely thankful

Let’s even more happily, for 4000 days, 5000 days, 6000 days

Al~~~~~~~ways laugh and cry together

Let’s go all the way together^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

We’ll come back soon like ta-dah with a new look

So that our bees can buzz louder in 2014

So that you can be proud of being a Block B fan, of being a BBC

I’ll practice more and try harder and work harder

Block B, BBC, and Seven Seasons

Have a totally totally~~~~~ happy new year

Translated by: youngha@blockbintl

Source: BB-Club


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