[TRANS] P.O’s Cyworld updates (140110-11)

겨울은 느므느므느므느~~~~~~므 추운디

그래도 난 겨울이 왠지모르게 좋고 막 그릇타~~^^*@#@^
다들 감기조심하세요오!!!!!!!!


Winter is too too too too to~~~~~~o cold
But still, I don’t know why but I like winter~~^^*@#@^
Everyone be careful of the cold!!!!!!!!

어제 오늘 폭풍업데이트

간만에 들어온 내미니홈피에
쓸쓸함과 초라함을느껴 ….
이렇게 오늘도 업데이트를 합니다
달랑 미니홈피 하나 있으면서
관리를 이따위로하다니 ..못난놈


Storm of updates yesterday and today
I’m feeling lonliness and shabiness
From my mini-hompy that I rarely visit ….
So I’m updating today too
I only have this one mini-hompy
But I take care of it like this .. What a bad guy

Translated by: youngha @ blockbintl
Source: P.O’s Cyworld


About afagyel

Hello, my name is A'a. Judge me when you meet me. :)
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