[NEWS] Kim Woo Bin, “2NE1 Asked me to Do Sad Acting”

Actor Kim Woobin revealed the most shocking event for him on M!Countdown and it’s none other than 2NE1′s pledge if they win 1st place on the show.

On the broadcast of MNET’s ‘M!Countdown 2014 New Year Special‘, Kim Woobin confessed that he was totally shocked during the time when girlgroup 2NE1 and Hyorin are competing for the top spot on M!Countdown and 2NE1 said their pledge.

The actor expressed that he was surprised when Sandara Park said, “(Missing You) is a sad song so I will do sad acting like a scene from dramas with Mr. Kim Woobin. You’ll do it with me right?“.

Also, after announcing that the winner for the week is 2NE1, Kim Woobin said he was about to exit the stage, but CL caught him and said “You’re not going to do what you promised?“ so he went back on stage to do so but admitted that he wasn’t able to do it well. Due to this, Kim Woobin left a video message for 2NE1 saying “As long as it’s not singing and dancing, it’s fine with me. Please call me again anytime.”

Source: Nate News | Translated by: Cathy@WeLoveBom.com & @ilove2ne1girls via ygladies


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