[PHOTO] T.O.P Meeting with Cast of “Tazza 2” (131228)

@Icozzang:”타짜2 고사 끝내고 배우들 단체컷! 이제 회식하러 고고고 ”
Translation: “Tazza 2 Gosha, actors and directors finished cut!  Now we do Hweshik Go Go Go”

Note: Gosha is an event where (in this case) the actors and director pray for good luck and safe time filming and that the movie will be a success. A Hweshik is a drinking, eating and bonding event for an organized group of people, usually a group of office workers with a boss, or teachers with a principle. It gives everyone a chance to become comfortable with each other and have a good time while still being business.

While YG has not come out and officially said anything about T.O.P filming a new movie yet, Tazza 2 has been in talks for a while, it was announced on news sites while ago that he seemed to have been cast, and it was posted that due to other scheduling (T.O.P said during a concert it was for filming) he would not be attending the fan meets Big Bang will have in January. So it seems that T.O.P has indeed been accepted and cast as an actor in “Tazza 2”  a sequel to that greatly popular gambling movie “Tazza”.

Source: @icozzang (translation and info via @VIP4Daesung) via bigbangupdates


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