[NEWS] Daesung Styles His Hair After Kim Woo Bin?

On the December 21 episode of the MBC variety show “Infinity Challenge,” Big Bang member Daesung was invited as a guest on the special “Lonely Friends” episode. Along with other guests Ji Sang Ryul, Kim Young Chul, Kim Na Young, Park Hwee Soon, Girls’ Generation’s Sunny, Brown Eyed Girls‘ Narsha, Jin Goo, Ryu Seung Soo, Ahn Young Mi, Shin Sung Woo, and Kim Jae Dong, Daesung came dressed to the nines for the holiday party.

The “Infinity Challenge” members began to tease Daesung about his outfit and looks upon his entrance to the party, asking him why he didn’t come to last year’s “Ugly Friends” special. Daesung countered loudly that he didn’t’t belong in that show; besides, K.Will made a brief appearance on that show- K.Will and Daesung are known for looking similar to each other. At this, Yoo Jae Suk exclaimed that K.Will was looking better than Daesung these days.

Daesung also announced that he styled his hair after ”The Heirs“ Kim Woo Bin that day, which brought out a chorus of boos and laughter from the rest of the cast. Daesung remained firm to his claim, adding, “I’m a heir today.”

Haha then threw the final blow at Daesung, arguing, “You have Son Dae Gwan‘s hair today.” At this, Daesung could not help but laugh in agreement and quickly singing a song from the famed trot singer.

Source: Soompi.com via bigbangupdates


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