[NEWS] CL says she was never asked out + would confess her feelings first

Mnet‘s ‘Beatles Code 3D‘ aired its first episode today with guest stars 2NE1 and DJ DOC!

On this episode, MC Mir asked the girls whether they had been asked out by a man after YG Entertainment lifted their dating prohibition.  CL replied, “I’ve never been asked out.

Maybe this is because she boldly takes the initiative!  CL said, “Whenever there is a man I like, I tell him that I like him first.  There were good results a couple of times,” to everyone’s curiosity.  2NE1 even coolly revealed which movie they last saw with a man.

Park Bom said, “I think it has been a while since I watched a movie with a male friend,” and revealed the movie to have been ‘The Face Reader,’ which only came out back in September.

The MCs said, “If it’s ‘The Face Reader,’ that’s pretty recent,” stirring up interest about this movie hang out.  Park Bom clarified, “He’s just a friend.

Besides 2NE1, the members of DJ DOC were also guests on the show and revealed some stories, such as the fact that “Dance With DOC” was not originally their title song.  They said, “We chose ‘Trance‘ as the title song, but we could not decide until the day before we went on a show and just hastily changed to ‘Dance with DOC’ and used the tour bus dance that Shin Dong Yup taught us on a variety program as our choreography.  It was a huge hit.

Credits: allkpop

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