[INFO] Block B’s 3rd mini album ‘Very Good’ release + Tracklist + Comeback showcase live streaming information (130923)

Hello. This is Seven Seasons.

Thank you to the fans who have been with Block B.
We will become a Block B&Seven Seasons who return the encouragement and love given by you.

We will deliver the news about the album you have been waiting for.

How was the pre-released track ‘Be the Light’ that came before this news?
Perhaps Block B’s hearts sent to the fans have been expressed well through song~
You will become Block B’s lights right? We believe that you definitely will ^^ ♥

Song release: October 2, 2013 12:00pm (noon)
Album release: October 2, 2013 (The time is undecided, but it will be in the afternoon and we will announce the time later on.)


2. Be the Light
3. When, Where, Do What How, with Jo Hyuna of Urban Zakapa [Park Kyugn Solo]

5. VERY GOOD (Instrumental)

(T/N: Translation for the title of the 3rd track may be different depending on context. Will be changed if necessary when the song is released.
‘3rd’ was misspelled as ‘3th’ in the cafe post.)

Hello. This is Seven Seasons.

The showcase live-stream has been finalized, and we are now delivering this happy news to the fans.

The live-stream will be held in a total of 4 places, Youtube, Mnet.com, MWave (Global Mnet), and allkpop.

The URL will be announced on the day of and you will be able to access and watch the showcase through it.

We hope that fans we are not able to make it to the showcase will be with Block B who worked hard on their stage.

Thank you.

Source: BB-CLUB
Translated by: Youngha @ BLOCKBINTL


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