[NEWS] The B.A.P who dreams of “World Domination'” are actually “Guys who are really shy”

The 6 member group B.A.P making a formal comeback with ‘Badman’. Production|TS Entertainment
Throw away the preconception that these guys are ‘fierce’.
The 6 member group B.A.P, who appeared like a shooting star last year in January with their debut song ‘Warrior’, has been a hot topic as they met around 20,000 overseas fans through their Pacific Tour going around 4 countries in Asia and 4 cities in America. Maybe it’s because of their powerful first impression where they sang and made wild sounds like howls, power danced breaking joints in their whole body, and had on makeup smelling of masculine charm. The usually conservative looking 6 boys were young and very shy.

◇Badman, a warning for bad people
Around the time of their debut, B.A.P gave a deep message for society through ‘Warrior’ and ‘One Shot’. Their new album title track ‘Badman’ is also an extension of that. The leader Bang Yongguk (23), who has been consistently participating in writing and composing, has taken part in the whole album as a producer. “If you watch the news these days, the amount of shocking crimes is slowly increasing. Those terrible events are being forgotten too easily, so I put in my anger against that and my feelings towards the innocent victims.

The music video is also on a unique scale. Making a triple title song with the already revealed ‘Hurricane’ and ‘Coffee Shop’, these three songs were all filmed in America. Particularly, ‘Badman’ was shot at the famous location in Detroit where the movie ‘Transformers’ was shot, casting 100 extras like a blockbuster movie. Daehyun said, “Although it was an arduous schedule where we went around the whole region of America for one week, we liked New York, San Francisco, La Vegas, etc. It was a significant time in which we were able to feel a lot and advance.”

B.A.P’s formal activities for ‘Badman’ start on the coming 9th through KBS2 ‘Live Broadcast Musicbank’. Youngjae, who is feeling good tensions before their first live says, “I hope the performance which is a little over 4 minutes will feel so short you can’t take your eyes away and leave a lingering imagery.

The 6 member group B.A.P making a formal comeback with ‘Badman’. Production|TS Entertainment

◇Laughing out loud in their barrack-like accommodation while watching ‘A Real Man’
B.A.P has been living in dorms before their debut for 2 years. After living in one room with 3 bunk beds like in barracks, their sleeping habits came to light. Himchan (23) and Zelo (17) have a strong relationship as they talk to each other even when their sleeping. “I once went in to the room to go to sleep to find them sleep talking to each other. It’s a sight that’s hard to believe but it went on for a while. Haha. (Bang Yongguk)”

It I important to eat a lot in order to take on powerful choreography. They usually order their food at the dorm but once in a while they do cook. The ‘chef of B.A.P’ is Himchan. Last year he made ‘Jangjorim butter bibimbap’ (Jangjorim is beef boiled down in soy sauce, bibimbamp is rice mixed with side dishes and usually a hot red chili sauce and butter is…well butter) for Jongup who was taking the KSAT. “The specialty in Himchan hyung’s cooking is using ham, ramen, food with MSG, but it does taste good. However because hyung is such a gourmet artist, he uses a lot of money. We also eat whatever bag of chips there is. (Jongup)”

When we’re all taking a break, we watch variety shows like, SBS ‘Running Man’, MBC ‘Infinite Challenge’ , One Night’, and ‘IlBam’ (short for Sunday Night) “These days we’re really into the program ‘Ilbam – A Real Man’. We’re really shy so we freeze when on variety shows, but we think we’d be able to do ‘A Real Man’. If you look at our choreography you can see that our members stamina is above-average. (Youngjae)” The members got together in one voice to choose Bang Yongguk as a recommended member of ‘A Real Man’. Himchan laughed and said “As soon as you look at him you’ll know that the military is his constitution.”

The 6 member group B.A.P making a formal comeback with ‘Badman’. Production|TS Entertainment

◇6 members with 6 different colors for an ideal girl “Someone with pretty eyes and cooks well”

Right now on the 4th,BAP’s official fanclub BABY has a record of 100,552 members. We were curious about the ideal types for these 6 men who have been able to steal the hearts of over 100,000 fans in just a year.

“I found myself fond of pretty eyes. Not so long ago I watched the movie ‘In Time’ with the members, and when I saw the eyes of the main actress Amanda Seyfried I was almost sucked into the TV. I like eyes that seem to pull me in. (Youngjae)”

“I think I’d like a girl who cooks well. I like eating but my mom can’t cook. My family members beg her not to cook stuff but to buy it. Haha. (Daehyun)”

“I want a girl who has pretty eyes and can cook well. Thankfully my mom is a person from Junlado, Mokpo, so she cooks well. Haha. (Zelo)”

“I don’t really have an ideal type but I want a person who is not boring even if we’re together for 24 hours. Fun and pretty. (Jongup)”

“An attractive girl. Wanting a girl with a pretty face was me when I was younger, now I want a girl who is attractive and I feel fits well with me.(Himchan)”

“A person who keeps their public morality. I feel my heart goes to a person who keeps their standards and is ladylike. (Yongguk)”

In the second half of this year, B.A.P will formally debut in Japan. They are also planning on another Pacific Tour next year that goes to more countries. Daehyun said, “During the time of our debut, our slogan has been ‘World Domination’. At that time it was such a vast dream, but now it seems possible. I hope ‘Badman’ will be a steppingstone to advance farther as an artist.”

 Source: Nate | Translation by: bapyessir.com


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