[INSTGRAM] Bang Yongguk reunites with his twin and noona (130624)



(the autograph reads: “To: 7N13 Studio

차루형, 우리 누나 항상 대박!

멋진 예슬들 많이 만들어주세요!

Peace out!”

[TRANS] To: 7N13 Studio

Charu hyung and our nuna are always daebak!

Please make more cool art!

Peace out!)



용국이용남이 작업실방문 싸인중ㅋ#BAP#방용국#방용남

“Yonggukie Yongnamie visited the studio in the midst of signing ke#BAP#BangYongguk#BangYongnam”



“my twinz”


“with ma family”

Source: @7n13charu @ Instagram, @7n13natasha @ Instagram, & @nsoulist @ Instagram | Translated by: bellaatong @ TSUNDERCOVER & roseylam @ TSUNDERCOVER


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