[TWITTER] Dara having fun in her hometown, Busan (130420)

아….. 고향의냄새

Trans: Ah… The smell of my hometown

채린이 핸드폰에서 빼낸사진 ^_^v 해운대앞에서

Trans: It’s a picture I stole from Chaerinnie’s phone ^_^v In front of Haeundae

[T/N Haeundae is now an affluent, beach front community that attracts tens of thousands of Korean tourists and foreigners to what many consider to be Korea’s best beach.]

지금 투애니원은 부산을 즐기고 이때이~ 역시 부산 쥑이네~ 지금은 풍선터뜨리기해때이 ! 포즈 쥑이나~ 포즈 장난아이제!!! ^^

Trans: 2NE1 is enjoying Busan right now~ Busan is amazing as expected~ Doing a game of popping balloons right now! Is my pose awesome?~ My pose is really great!!!^^

Source: Dara’s Twitter | Translated by: Kaeryn and KristineKwak @YGLadies.com


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