[TWITTER] INFINITE WOOHYUN teasing LEADER GYU on his new twitter? (WOOGYU)

@kyuzizi 사칭 하지마세요 … 정말 성규형맞아요?? 사대부고 김성규맞아요?? 비트 메인보컬 김성규맞아요…??

Don’t pretend.. are you really Sunggyu hyung?? Are you really a man and Kim Sunggyu?? Are you really beat main vocal Kim Sunggyu…??

@wowwh ㅇㅇ 맞음 남우현 맞음? 인피니트 메인보컬 나무현맞음?? 내 룸메이트 남우현맞음???? 망원동주민 남우현 확실함?????

ㅇㅇ yes are you Nam Woohyun? Are you Infinite’s mainvocal Nam Woohyun?? Are you my room mate Nam Woohyun???? Are you sure you’re Nam Woohyun, resident of Mangwon-dong?????

credit to: infiniteupdates@twitter


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This is Super DeDe in love with Eunhyuk! Proud to be an Elf,Cassie,Inspirit,Triple S and many more Kpop rules
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