[NEWS] Who are K-pop’s leggiest idols?

The latest segment of MBC TV Entertainment revealed the measurements of various long-legged idols and actresses in today’s Korean entertainment world, with none other than actress Kang Sora coming out on top with legs spanning 105~107 cm.

As expected in an industry that focuses on one’s appearance and beauty, female idols often show off their long legs in outfits that will flatter these assets, such as dresses with slits and shorts.

The segment noted that idol groups often have a signature member with an iconic face and glamorous body, and dubbed the Top 3 to be the Wonder Girls‘ fashionista Sohee, 2NE1‘s power vocal Park Bom, and After School‘s bagel girl UEE.

Even when wearing flat shoes in lieu of heels, these ladies can still draw eyes to their long and shapely legs. For example, the Wonder Girls’ “Like This” promotions have been strikingly casual, yet Sohee’s legs are still as glamorous in sneakers. Park Bom’s latest promotional photo for 2NE1′s tour shows off her legs in a long dress with a daring slit on the side, giving a peek at her doll-like legs. UEE’s figure has also become well-known, even as part of a group whose members are all quite beautifully long-legged.

Aside from the Top 3 listed by MBC TV Entertainment, who do you think has the most beautiful legs on k-pop? We’d love to hear your suggestions!

Source: Star News via allkpop


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