[NEWS] Has miss A’s Suzy fallen for Sunhwa’s charms?

It seems as though miss A‘s Suzy found her new best friend on ‘Invincible Youth 2‘!

For the June 9th episode of KBS‘s ‘Invincible Youth 2′, season one members Secret‘s Sunhwa and T-ara‘s Hyomin paid a visit to the village of Daebudo, along with actors Joo Sang Wook and Lin Kyo Jin. The G6 members and the four guests split into three teams to make the ingredients that go into mugwort rice cakes.

During the opening, Sunhwa and Hyomin made their entrance together on the program and was met with a warm welcoming. However, Sunhwa was once again teased by MC Kim Shin Young for her ‘blank brain’ image on season one and was also teased for her grey baggy outfit which looked similar to a Buddhist monk’s robe. But despite everything, Sunhwa showcased her talents and confidently revealed her thoughts.

Seeing Sunhwa’s character unfold, Suzy murmured to KARA‘s Kang Jiyoung, “That unnie is weird.” However, that soon changed after Suzy continued to watch over Sunhwa’s bright personality. She told Sunhwa, “I like Sunhwa unnie! She’s my style. I’m gonna ask for her number today.”

The two have also become closer after working together to make mugwort rice cakes. While watching Sunhwa chat nonstop, this led Suzy to ask, “Unnie, why do you talk so much?” to which Sunhwa replied, “You’re supposed to talk on a variety program. What else do you do then?

In addition to this episode, viewers got a good laugh from the two members as they exchanged a hilarious conversation while cleaning the mugworts. “This one looks like a sweet potato, while this one looks like a regular potato,” Suzy said.

To this, Sunhwa remarked, “Then what does this look like?” to which she answered, “Poop.” However, Sunhwa jokingly commented, “It’s your poop,” and Suzy backfired “You’re so childish!

Source: TV Daily via Nate + allkpop


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