[NEWS] EXO-K & EXO-M In Running Man?

For the opening anniversary, the Korean cinematheque is holding a retrospective of the master of the Korean superpower movies, director Yoohyuk, this month until the 30th. On the science-fiction wasteland that is Korea, his movies are based on the introspection of the mankind and the research on the superpowers, it’s an exceptional opportunity to the the masterpieces of the director as well as his unseen work.

When Shim Hyungrae, the director of <Yeonggu and Space Monster Bulgoeri> guested, director Yoohyuk become conscious of his movie imaginative power for the first time, as an excellent broadcast MC and a popular entertainer he got to reveal his work from time to time. After the popular success of <Running Guru and the one who cut space>, he made with various heroes with superpowers <Running Guru and the one who cut space 2: straight life>, <Running Guru and the emperor with five rings: rule the space>, <The one who rules space VS the one who outlaws time>, <I like the Running Guru>, etc with this Running Guru series, he got a lot of popularity. Moreover, he got recognize for his cinematic quality with <Death Note: Die once>, <The wooswa on the edge>, <The transparent curse: Big nose who disappeared>, <The trap curse: The appearance of Kwang-vatar>, <The two escapes of the Terminator>, etc, that give an apocalyptic point of view, and he assured the box-office with <Gae Daese who was calling the name of Stress>, <Did you hear about the Monday Couple>, <The giraffe drawing I drew>, <Blank-ji, blank-ji>, etc.

During this retrospective, you will be able to see more that his famous masterpieces and see director Yoohyuk’s hidden unseen work. More especially, the adult movies director Yoohyuk made in secret to be entered in a foreign movie festival <Sixth sense – The sixth sense>, <Roll roll>, <Pil and Chok> (T/N: Kwangsoo and Sukjin’s famous Pilchok/Touch cross), <If you close your ears… of course>, etc, the big fans can’t wait to discover it. He’s also planning to reveal for the first time his latest joint work he just finished, the blockbuster <Running EXO-K, save the peninsula>, <Running EXO-M, to the continent>. You can check the screening details on the homepage, the reservations are by order of arrival and you are given a Yooms Bond and Yoorus Willis bookmark as a gift.

source: 10asia
translation cr; emilie @ exok-trans

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