[TRANS] 120321 Movie “I AM”, Featuring SM Artists Including TVXQ & Super Junior To Open In May

A film which depicts the real growing-up story of SM Entertainment artists is set to be unveiled in May.

According to SM on 21 March, it has been decided for “I AM” to be released in May. On this day, the first teaser clip and the movie poster were also revealed.

This film is expected to depict everything from the historical moment when the emotional stage of “SMTown Live World Tour In New York” was held at the Madison Square Garden in New York, to the dreams of SM artists, to their daily lives off-stage.

Also, the teaser poster which was revealed had the artists’ names lined up, inciting curiosity as to how the stories of each of these artists will be told. An SM official expressed, “In the ‘I AM UCC Project Event’ which was targeted at fans worldwide, numerous song and dance cover videos were uploaded, proving the high level of interest (in the movie).” Also, “This film is expected to depict the dreams of SM artists, and the years of hard work and passion that is builds up to that moment where they are able touch the audience.”

Source : [K Star News]

Translated & Shared by : dongbangdata.net

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