L to R: Flowsik, Eddie Shin & Nicky Lee.

Just barely a year old, Aziatix has already captured thousands of hearts all over the world. Their self-titled debut EP “Aziatix” ranked high at #4 on iTunes R&B Charts and they became the first Asian-American band to ever be featured on AOL. Being crowned as the “Best New Asian Artist (Group)” at Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA) 2011 in Singapore last month was probably one of the biggest highlights of their debut. 

The trio has practically toured the world and performed in countries like Taiwan, Singapore and Japan to name a few. They recently successfully wrapped up their US tour, in which they performed for 12 shows in 10 different cities.

Who is Aziatix?

Aziatix is a Korean-American band consisting of Nicky Lee, Flowsik and Eddie Shin, along with the backbone of the group, producer Jae Chong. Having had successful solo careers in the past, the trio came together as one and set out on a new journey.

Nicky and Flowsik have both worked with and met through Jae Chong. The two then collaborated in a song called Whatchu Know About Us, which is featured in their debut album, Nocturnal. Meanwhile, Flowsik met Eddie through basketball. The two began talking about music and eventually collaborated in a song called Another Day, which is also featured in their debut album. Jae then proposed that three record a song together and that’s actually how their debut single, Go, came about.

Aziatix debuted with a self-titled EP, Aziatix, and later on released a full album called Nocturnal. As mentioned earlier, their debut EP managed to peak at #4 on iTunes R&B charts and their debut single “Go”, on the other hand, managed to enter Japan’s Billboard Top 40. The band will be releasing new songs through the deluxe version of Nocturnal which will be released on January 18, as a kick-start of their Japanese promotion. Even before its release, the deluxe album has already reached #1 on Tower Records Japan Reservation Chart!

Getting To Know The Members

Nicky Lee

Nicky Lee is a soul/R&B singer, born and raised in Los Angeles, California. He was already an accomplished R&B/Soul Mandarin male vocalist with five solo albums released and the title of “Best Male Artist” at the Golden Melody Awards in 2007 before he joined Aziatix. Some of his songs were featured in a blockbuster movie, Forbidden Kingdom. Favourite artists include Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder and Brian McKnight. He considers his parents as his heroes and biggest inspiration in life. Nicky loves food very much and stated that he would probably be a cook if he wasn’t a singer. His ideal type would be a girl that loves him for him, someone who is willing to go through all challenges together.


Flowsik is a charismatic rapper  who was born and raised in Queens, New York. Flowsik started composing when he was 15 and has always looked up to some of the greatest in rap music like Tupac, Biggy Smalls, Jay-Z and Naz. His talents were recognised by Hip-Hop pioneer Ice-T and the two have worked together in a song called Hate. Flowsik has also worked with K-Pop artists like JYJ in the past. As tough as he might look, this guy has a soft spot for kids. Yup, he loves kids. Seeing kids grow up happily really inspires him to  bring happiness to people through his music. Other than music, Flowsik enjoys playing basketball and going fishing. His ideal type would be a girl who is attractive (to him), has a genuine heart and loves fishing. He is also known to have a crush on Sandara Park from 2ne1.

Eddie Shin

Eddi Shin was born in Boston, MA, but his family moved back to Korea at the age of 10. Eddie has been writing songs since age 16, mixing R&B with some of his own flavours. He made his debut in Korea with his self-produced album “Just My Way” in 2005 and has contributed in making songs for many Korean dramas as well as for other K-pop artists like 4minute. Musically, he looks up to artists like Michael Jackson, Babyface, Marvin Graye and Solid. Like Nicky, his parents and grandparents are his biggest influences and inspirations in life. Eddie enjoys playing basketball and his favourite team is the LA Lakers. His ideal girl would be someone who is loving, caring, understanding of his ups and downs and who is a good cook.

Enough about them for a moment. Here are some of the songs from their debut album, Nocturnal. So sit back, relax and enjoy the ride!

Debut MV: Go

Go – Acoustic Version


Slippin’ Away

Be With You – Rock Mix

A Game

New single: Nothing Compares To You

So how’s the ride? Amazing, innit? ;)

The trio’s goal is not only to make great music, but also to bring happiness and to inspire the younger generations through their music. “We have our own sound. We don’t wanna stick to a certain category. We blend all different stuffs together and that’s our sound. We just wanna do great music.” said Nicky Lee during an interview with R-YOU-N.com.

Nicky, Flowsik and Eddie each has their own unique charms and they could be clearly seen/heard in their songs. The fact that Flowsik’s deep voice along with his “Ganji Fire” hip-hop flava, Nicky’s and Eddie’s soulful vocals complement each other and are very well synchronised, is just plain amazing. Did I mention that they sound just as good live as in the album? Yup! They sound just as awesome live that you wish you could click the repeat button!

Not only their songs are upbeat and easy-going, but they are also relatable. I think everyone; regardless of their age, colours and races; could relate the lyrics to their own experiences at some points of their lives. And I think that’s one of the reasons why their songs are well received all over the world. It’s because people could connect with the songs. Aziatix has successfully transcended barrier, proving that there is no such things as language/race/colour barriers in music and that music is universal. Well done, boys!

AZIATIX. Remember this name and remember hard. ‘cos they ain’t goin’ nowhere. This is only the beginning. You’ll definitely be seeing more of them bringin’ their “A Game” in the future!

Show your love and  support; and purchase their album/songs/videos legally on iTunes.



Written by: Saleha (Afagyel) @ K-Idols  | Credits: R-YOU-N.com + redfm + mykplayground.com + music marker + channel news asia + gokpop


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