[ARTIST OF THE WEEK] Fierce and talented, this is Brown Eyed Girls

Brown eyed girls are 4 very talented girls with a very unique style of pop music with jazzy vibes and  rnb influences sometimes. These 4 divas know how to innovate and surprise fans with new and different music.  They are mature and professionnal artists that I respect and admire very much that’s why I choose to talk about them as ‘Artist of the week‘.

They have started as a 5-membered band in 2006 but they only had a taste of success in 2008 with their hit song Abracadabra

I was a newbie in kpop when they were promoting it but as everyone I of course , remember the hip choreo  and the very catchy chorus in the song. Check out 2PM-2AM’s parody Abracadabra HERE if you didn’t see it yet. ;)
As I said before they are real artists and they’ve been real good artists from the beginning. Let me show you that~

1 2 3 4 -album:Your Story (2006)

혼잣말 -album:Your Story (2006)

There is No Man -album: Leave Ms.Kim (2007)

I’m laughing -album: Leave Ms.Kim (2007)

How could I love you -album: Leave Ms.Kim (2007)

Tagger -album: Leave Ms.Kim (2007)

My style (2008)

My style acoustic (2008)

Yes it is far from today’s Kpop but having bands like BEG that make different type of korean pop is much appreciated. They are pretty much involved in the writing or producing process and we can feel their professionnalism while listening to the songs.
I think it’s good to see some bands not only doing commercial or idols’ music in the Korean music industry.

What do you think about old BEG music? Do you think it’s different from their today’s music? Do you agree to say that they are real professionnal and artists?

Brown Eyed Girls’ leader is Jea. She’s one of the 3 main vocals of the band with Narsha and Gain . These two got kind of sweet voices whereas Jea has more a strong voice. The rapper of the band is Miryo.

In October 2009 they came back with a new single ‘Sign‘ which wasn’t as popular as Abracadabra but still did well in charts.

Acoustic version

After Sign they started working on their individual works:

– Narsha was the first one to go solo. In july 2010 she released her first album ‘Narsha
Biribopa is the first song she promoted, then she promoted Mamamia  and Im in love is the first single she released before her album

– In october 2010 Gain released her first album ‘Step 2/4‘ full of tango vibes. The MV is a short movie.
Take a look of it, it’s really well done

Love is” is a song produced by Jea and written by Miryo for the hip hop project Blue Brand

Jea also collaborate with MBLAQ G.O for a duet

After 2 years, in october 2011 BEG made their big come back with a new album called ‘Sixth Sense‘. They started promoting with Hot shot and Sixth sense.

They also grabbed the top spot in music shows which is much deserved =)
They’re going to come back with a repackage album on november 4th.

hope you enjoyed =)

Infos/videos/pictures credits: Nautiljon, allkpop, tumblr, youtube
Article credit to y0oya@kidolsblog

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One Response to [ARTIST OF THE WEEK] Fierce and talented, this is Brown Eyed Girls

  1. bianca says:

    since they debuted in 2006 they are already a four member group (not 5) if your including yoari well she was pulled out from the group even before they debuted… yes they started to gain popularity in 2008 but it was not because of abracadabra it was because of L.O.V.E. getting first place on music shows & How Come and in 2009 they took the Kpop world by storm with abracadabra making it their biggest hit then … but as of now their biggest hit would be sixth sense beating the digital sales of abracadabra….

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