[TWITTER] 110904 BEAST Twitter Update (Panties+Yoseob the spammer+Hyunseung confession)

[TRANS] @helloimys For me, my dad is the best hero in the universe..keke

[TRANS] @helloimys Looking good…..!^^

[TRANS] @helloimys And again b2uties heart will..sink.. right ke.. The song that all the BEAST members love these days!! Verbal Jint’s ‘Looking Good’!!!! I get sad and depressed listening to it…..But really… First place..[TRANS] @helloimys keke Now I won’t fool around keke Ack kekeke It’s so fun

[TRANS] @helloimys Sorry b2uties~~~ Playing with the meaning of words..Meaning..Meaning………. Welcome

[TRANS] @Joker891219 Jang Hyunseung who wears his panties down

[TRANS] @doublev89 @Joker891219 Yah kekekekekekekekekeke I just watched the broadcast too. You saved the program

[TRANS] @doublev89 Yoon Dojon who looks even more erotic when exposing the same area

[TRANS] @doublev89 Honestly…That straightened hair selca I put up..I copied Dongwoon’s eye smile…

[TRANS] @beastdw @doublev89 The best

[TRANS] @helloimys The world’s stupidest boy Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I will scream it out

[TRANS] @helloimys Fighting for our existence!

[TRANS] @helloimys Stopping with the mention party!!! Since I didnt eat a thing today my minds not here, I’m
facing hard times, I’m hungry bleh all day I sleep…………Ughhh

[TRANS] @helloimys Was watching Fiction but moved on to Soom first broadcast…hull… wow…..keke Ah look at Yang Yoseob..kekekekekekeke

[TRANS] @beastdw Let me know if you know how long the videos can be to pot on twitter..

[TRANS] @beastdw Length of the video

[TRANS] @beastdw It won’t be good since I played this in middle school, but to show my fans.. http://yfrog.us/nlun4z

[TRANS] @beastdw NG clip real situation http://yfrog.us/nr2goz



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a simple but sometimes complicated,,i love enjoying myself ^^ forever DONGWOON's (^^,)v
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