[News] CNBLUE to release Last Full Indie Album in Japan

On July 26th, FNC Music Japan update their Twitter with this notice :-

【CNBLUE】 2011年9月1日(木)、インディーズ最後のフルアルバム『ThankU2 (仮)』リリースが決定いたしました!!新曲3曲を含む全11曲入りです。よろしくお願いいたします。http://www.cnblue.jp/

We have decided to release CNBLUE’s last full-length indie album“ThankU2″ (tentative name) on September 01, 2011. This album will have 11 songs plus 3 new songs. Thank you! http://www.cnblue.jp/ 

Here’s the explanation taken from CNBJonghyun regarding the news. Please read if you are a bit confused with the “last indie full album” announcement.

Unlike other hallyu stars who are managed by Japan major labels such as Avex, Universal Music Japan, Sony Music, Warner Music etc, all CNBLUE activities and prooduction are managed by Ai Entertainment Incorporated (subsidiary of FNC Music).

Earlier this year, Mr Han Sungho (President of FNC Music) revealed that over 10 Japan major labels have offered contract to CNBLUE to properly and officially debut at Japan under their label.

They wanted to sign a deal with CNBLUE not simply because of the current Korean Wave “era” but because they see CNBLUE as a unique and strong band on their own. They highly recognize the fact that CNBLUE has the potential to be around for a long time in Japan’s music market, where band music culture is strong, regardless of the heat of the Korean Wave.

Since FNC Music has released this announcement (that CNBLUE‘s  next album will be their last indie album), this means that CNBLUE will sign with a major label after this. Hopefully by being under a major label, CNBLUE will shine more in Japan while having the same independence to write their own music.

Source: @fncmusicjapan on Twitter
Credit :  CNBJonghyun on Tumblr
Shared by: A &F @ cnbluestorm

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