[NEWS] Cube Entertainment responds to Kikwang’s smoking pictures

B2ST’s Lee Kikwang has been caught up in a smoking controversy.

On July 19th, photos were posted online with the caption, “Photos of Lee Kikwang smoking. Real or not?“. Though the photo quality makes it difficult to determine 100% whether or not the man seen is truly Kikwang, netizens have had a field day because of the topic’s title alone.

Kikwang’s agency, Cube Entertainment, responded to the controversy with, “We’re not sure whether it is Kikwang in the picture. Even if it is, he is of legal age to smoke in Korea, so we fail to see the issue.

Quite frankly, we’re more impressed with the fact that Cube Entertainment released such a bold, yet true statement about the issue (if it is indeed Kikwang with smokes in his hand).

Source: Kuki Media via Nate


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